Lead Generation
Track Results

How we work at Shift Marketing.

Customer data

Target the right clients at
the right time with predictive
analytics and segmentation.


Direct marketing channels like
direct mail, email, text (and
more!) to engage your clients.

Landing pages

Nurture your leads and offer
an unparalleled digital
customer experience.

Track every meaningful
interaction, and make the most
of your database marketing.

Data Management
Data Management
Taking the guesswork out of database marketing.

It all starts with the data. From cleansing, advanced filters, segmentation, to our prorietary lead scoring algorithm, at Shift Marketing we look to isolate the prospects in your database most likely to respond. Following a data driven process for prospect selection will help you maximize your response rate, save you money by avoiding statistically disinterested customers and, as a result, contribute to maximizing your marketing ROI.

Communication Methods
Beautiful, fully-integrated
and personalized communications.

With the ability to use every one-to-one direct marketing channel available, including direct mail, email, text messaging, ringless voicemail and call center support, we help you cut through the marketing noise and deliver an effective, personalized message to inspire your contacts to act.

Communication Methods

Landing Pages
Landing Pages
Nurture your prospects with impeccably designed and optimized lead generating landing pages.

At Shift Marketing, we care deeply about the customer experience. The prospects engaging with your marketing campaigns are not only your next sale, they are the reason you exist as a company or institution. At Shift Marketing, we uphold the highest standards for your brand and earn your client's loyalty by offering a beautiful, easy-to-use and optimized digital customer experience in order to maximize results and leave a positive impression.

Tracking and Analytics
If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

As marketers, we need to know if what we are doing is working. It is simple, but its importance cannot be overstated - If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Our Shift One Analytics Dashboard and Micro-CRM will help you manage your campaign, grade performance and apply learnings to future efforts. Work with Shift Marketing's easy-to-use tracking and analytics tools to help you maximize your marketing and drive results.

Shift One.

Manage your campaigns and track performance with ease.

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