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Creating an effective direct marketing campaign is difficult. It takes time and expertise to plan, and execute a campaign that generates the strong return on investment that you need. When you outsource, the vendors you work with don't seem any more capable than you are. When you do it yourself, you run out of time in the day. You need a partner that cares as much about your success as you do.

At Shift Marketing, our database marketing platform and our cross-functional team of marketers, industry insiders, creatives, developers and campaign managers have done the worrying for you. We are specialized in executing stunning and effective direct marketing campaigns that engage your customers and convert them to potential buyers. We do it at a price that works and utilize the best technology and capabilities available today.

Target, Capture, Sell, Repeat

At Shift Marketing, we care deeply about results. The core of our business philosophy is to continually increase customer value. It is why so many of our customers have trusted us time and time again with their hard-earned marketing dollars.

4,357Campaigns Run
446,216Leads Generated
85,372Vehicles Sold
657%Average Event ROI

Our Approach to a Successful Campaign.

Step 1

AI-Powered Data

Using Shift’s data cleansing, segmentation and predictive analytics, we isolate customers in your database most likely to respond and improve our analysis using artificial intelligence.

A Unique Portfolio of Campaigns

Do not limit your database marketing to just one campaign. Give your clients a reason to enter into the purchase journey with a portfolio of engaging campaigns to choose from.

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Our primary objective when working with Shift Marketing has been to more effectively get existing clients into new vehicles, but there is a strong side benefit of knowing your brand and your dealers are being represented by a company that cares about your customers and your brand as much as you do.

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Andrew Harkness,
Regional General Manager, Central Region, Nissan Canada

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